UK Wedding videographer

(Based in Yorkshire but travelling the UK)

We are instinctive wedding videographers with a naturally cinematic eye who blend into the crowd allowing you to be you. We work hard to capture natural memorable moments and bottle the spirit of your day so you can remember all the speeches, vows, and laugh-out louds for the rest of your lives!

Hello! I'm Jon

I’m a UK wedding videographer who has years of experience filming promos, documentaries, films, and weddings.

I’m an instinctive filmmaker with a naturally artistic eye who, uniquely, is happy for your photographer to lead. My aim is to tread the fine line of capturing awesome shots without getting involved too much – if I need an extra shot that I haven’t achieved with the photographer, ill just ask!

My ethos is to capture cinematic visuals with a documentary style and minimal interactions.

our promise

“Trust us to tell the story of the best day of your life”

“Incredibly artistic, creative, professional and beautiful, and it really highlights the fun and happiness of the day”