UK Wedding videographer


Trust us to tell the story of the best day of your life. Your wedding will be over in a heartbeat and your memory will fade. But do not fear! We use all our award-winning filmmaking skills to bottle the spirit of your day and remind you of all the speeches, vows and laugh out louds. We are instinctive wedding videographers with a naturally artistic eye who blend into the crowd. We craft emotive music and imagery to create the unique story of your best day ever.


Grab your tissues and get ready to watch on repeat for the rest of your life.

Hi there...


I’m Jon, videographer and owner of Save the Date and our sister corporate site Save the Dog Video Productions. I’ve been filming weddings for over 10 years and short films/corporate/documentary for even longer.

My career began at the BBC and I’ve had short films in festivals across the world including Raindance and The London Short Film Festival.

The team also consists of my wife Laura and Chris who joins me for 2 camera shoots.

My ethos is to capture cinematic visuals with a documentary style and minimal interactions.

“Incredibly artistic, creative, professional and beautiful, and it really highlights the fun and happiness of the day”


What you can expect

Instinctive, Artistic, unobtrusive wedding videographers


Just enjoy your wedding day while we work in the background with your photographer to fulfil our mission to capture beautiful images of all those connections and moments that only happen once. We want to exceed your expectations not just meet them.

Within a few months, you will receive your wedding video story sent to you on a USB in a gift box. You can also add good old-fashioned DVD or Blu-ray!

You’ve had an amazing story so far, let us capture the start of the next chapter.

pricing & packages

Pack 1.

6-8 min film

Package 1 film. Perfectly cinematic and set to handpicked music and live audio from the day. A perfect way to remember your day.

Pack 2.

27-29 min film

Package 2 film. Vows and a few minutes of each speech included. An extended package 1 but edited chronologically.

Pack 3.

30+ min film

Package 3. Seven full chapters, all edited chronologically. When you don’t want to miss a thing. Speeches, ceremony and first dance in full.