“Chuffed to pieces. It’s the best purchase we made for our entire wedding.”





Wedding videos, wedding films, documentary wedding videography…whatever you call it, I aim to convince the world (well, the UK to begin with…) that it should be first on your wedding supplier checklist, not last.

I want you to look back and watch those unforgettable moments for the rest of your lives. I'm so glad I had a wedding video, there’s so much to absorb. You can trust us to remind you of the day that flew by and be surprised at the moments you missed!

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Summer + Ant

“A Beautiful wedding video, and we never knew Jon was there”

It’s going to be amazing, and I see it as my duty to work hard on the day, capturing all the natural moments as they unfold, filming as discreetly as possible. And my background in filmmaking means I will get obsessed with your wedding and framing the right shot, but never EVER compromising missing the moment. This only happens once!


The team consists of myself Jon, your videographer for the day, my wife Laura who runs Save the Date alongside me, and our regular 2nd camera operator Chris who has been with us for 8 years so we know how each other think!


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Why choose us?

  • I have been shooting weddings for over 10 years, and so I know where to be at just the right moment


  • I film your wedding breakfast. Not all wedding videographers do this! Yes we have a break, but there is too much going on to sit down for too long


  • I blend in. Maybe it comes from directing and writing. I’m behind the camera, that’s where I want to stay. I like to not be seen if possible.


  • I let your photographer lead, no point in too many cooks. We will ask you if we need an extra 15 minutes with you.


  • I respect photographers (See above) and your guests. If uncle Jack asks us what type of camera we are using, we will gladly talk him through it!


  • I’m a bit arty. We have a background in filmmaking (including an award). Check out our music video and short film




Nine things about me



I proposed to my would-be Disney Princess wife in Brighton while singing karaoke. We sang a duet of ‘Love is an open door’ from Frozen - I got down on one knee on the words “can I say something crazy? WILL YOU MARRY ME?"


I seek out crazy golf courses! Added bonus if you are allowed to take a cocktail around with you.


Myself and the Missus love the laid back country coastal life, so much so we got married on a beach in Cornwall a few years ago.


I've been vegetarian since I was 15, but married a northern lady who loves a chicken Sunday roast…but we both love wine, yay!


I trained and worked at the BBC…I have a lot of celebrity stories.


I won Best Film for a narrative short and had it playing in festivals across the globe including Raindance


Myself and my wife (and business partner) love unwinding our minds with discovering new walks with our Westie, swiftly followed by a pub meal.


I spend too much money over priced glamping and boutique hotel rooms, it’s a particularly bad habit.