• What are your hours of attendance?

From an agreed time at bride prep (though we can go straight to the wedding venue if you would prefer) to at least 30 minutes after the first dance (or an agreed time for any other type of wedding)

• How do you deliver the final product?

Digital download. You can also order and a USB stick and a gift box.

• Can you stay later?

Of course, check out the ‘stay later’ section on the packages page.

• Do you use a drone?

Yes but it is down to our discretion. We only use it where the drone code allows us. We don’t operate in wet or windy weather, near to airports, groups of people or in the centre of London. Drones shots work best in remote locations in the countryside. We can put you in contact with a specialist drone operator who might be able to operate in these conditions. Also, some venues do not allow it.

• What kit do you use?

The latest Sony FS5 and A6500 cameras, radio mics and gimbals.