A precious moment, a lovely image, can be captured and kept forever

Your London Wedding videographer

It’s an absolute pleasure being a wedding videographer in the Capital, the beautiful Thames river, the cool city English pubs and of course the double-decker bus ride to the reception! One aspect we love is capturing the wedding couple on the street, as the reactions and cheers from bystanders and tourists really add to an electric London wedding video!



Film like a ninja, edit like a poet

We really do feel this describes our ethos well. All of those beautiful looks, hugs and kisses only happen once and we move quickly to capture every single one as discreetly as possible.

We then handpick from hours of footage all those best shots that make up the perfect story of your fabulous wedding in London town!


Hello, Jonathan here...

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A few words about how we work

(And there is no need to be nervous about being filmed!)

Trust us, you will be too engrossed in your wedding to notice us! Just enjoy your day and leave us to capture all those amazing London sight and sounds, from the clink of the bridal party’s champagne glasses to that tear-jerking speech made by your now husband or wife.

Discretion is paramount, both for Jonathan and his team of wedding videographers. You are in control, it’s up to you how involved we are, we would love 15 minutes with you when you have your couple shots, but we are more than happy to let your photographer lead.

We have all the latest kit to produce stunning images in a documentary but emotive style, and we are never in you or your guest’s faces.

We deliver on USB and DVD/Bluray and always try to get your film to you as soon as possible – we aim for within 6 weeks.



So you are getting married in our amazing eclectic capital London! Congratulations!
Tell us about your big day and we will send some quotes right back to you.