Wedding video Packages

Short + long film WEDDING packages

Some want it short and snappy, some want to see every moment!

Our wedding packages below should have you covered, and if not just get in touch and tell us what you need.

And what's more, we also provide a FREE 1 minute film for Instagram

All packages we attended from prep to 30 minutes past the first dance.

Package 1

7-9 minute highlights film + ceremony in full

In attendance from preparations to past the first dance, this package has beautiful hand-picked shots which allow us to be more cinematic and at our most creative. We select perfect pieces of audio from your speeches and/or ceremony and punctuate the film to complement the rousing music score – unique to your film. Our most favourite wedding package to craft.

Package 2

25-29 minute film + 5 minute highlights film

In attendance from preparations to past the first dance, presenting your day from start to finish, as it happened.

As a guide, your 25-29 minute film breaks down as follows:


  • Video clips of prep, venue, and guests arriving, set to music
  • Vows in full – live audio
  • Reception and breakfast clips, couple shots, set to music
  • Some clips of speeches (a few minutes of each person) –  live audio
  • Clips of cake, first dance, dancing, set to music

Package 3

30-90+ minute film + 5 minute highlights film

Everything. In attendance from preparations to the dance floor. The whole amazing day as it happened. 7 chapters, all edited chronologically. For those that don’t want to miss a moment!

  • Guests arriving/prep set to music
  • Ceremony in full
  • Reception set to music
  • Breakfast set to music
  • All speeches in full
  • Cake cutting in full
  • 1st dance in full




Additional items

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Your 1st dance has just finished, as you are your guests have another drink we stay to get capture all those wicked tipsy dance moves and provide you with a brand new chapter set to an upbeat music track.

£90 per half hour

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We stay after the 1st dance and encourage your guests to wish you a happy wedding day with their own message to you straight down the lens of the camera. Often moving, mostly hilarious.


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We meet on location and tell your story through images we capture together before revealing the all important date of your amazing day. A fun and beautiful way to connect with your guests pre-wedding.

From £500


Off we go...


Tell us about your next adventure

Where is it taking place?  What type of wedding is it? Civil, Church, Chinese or Jewish? And of course what is the date so we can check to see if we are free.